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Kitsch & Carry: Need a giant metal rooster? Come to Barberville Roadside By TOM IACUZIO,  June 21, 2011 12:05 AM At the corner of U.S. Highway 17 and State Road 40 in Barberville, giant chickens mingle with toothy dinosaurs while a massive giraffe stands guard over a market full of twisted metal and fresh produce. […]

Oddities abound at Barberville Produce

Oddities abound at Barberville Produce Postcards from Florida November 13, 2009|By Jim Abbott on Florida Travel, Postcards from Florida   It’s not everyone that needs a 10-foot ceramic rooster, but it’s nice to know you can find one in a pinch. The phenomenal fowl is the iconic image at Barberville Produce, a two-acre menagerie of […]

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